The future of M&A is a family affair: Memphis firm taps into a fresh approach and finds success

In 1952, Kemmons Wilson, the visionary behind Holiday Inn Hotels, established Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group (KWIG) to provide comprehensive insurance solutions and risk services to hotels and hospitality ventures associated with or owned by the Wilson family. This legacy of excellence, innovation and disruption of the status quo caught the attention of Virtus, an insurance brokerage and consulting firm bringing a fresh approach to a stagnant industry.

Virtus merged with KWIG in 2022, uniting our strengths while continuing to build on Kemmons Wilson’s legacy. We continue to deliver insurance solutions and consultancy services tailored specifically to the industries we serve, including Wilson’s favorite — hospitality. But the magic in our relationship and the secret behind our early success is this: we operate as family.

Unlike the conventional belief that total consolidation is the only path to success, we tapped into our cultural compatibility, united values and complementary solutions to form our partnership and ignite our journey #ToTheMoon.

The takeaway? Whether looking for a partner, seeking investment or intending to acquire a company, go beyond the balance sheet; after all, one bad apple can spoil the bunch.