Blockstack Announces “Ecosystem-Wide, Universal” Dapp Store

Blockstack Public Benefit Corporation (Blockstack PBC) has released the first “ecosystem-wide, universal” Dapp Store with over 150 Dapps on launch.

With the growth in number of blockchain-based decentralized apps (Dapps) that are running on various networks and protocols, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to locate and make use of these Dapps. According to the announcement, the Blockstack Dapp Store is “a discovery tool for decentralized apps built on Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, and more … serving as an aggregator of usable Dapps for gaming, social networking, productivity, and financial services.”

Blockstack PBC will initially curate and maintain the Dapp Store, but have plans to eventually implement user ratings for ranking Dapps across the ecosystem as it gains wider acceptance. Their goal is for wide-scale community involvement to show how a truly decentralized experience can work outside of the stranglehold of a few large corporations on software and information.